Women are powerful and resilient.

Yes, this is true. But let’s face it. It takes a lot of energy to keep ourselves feeling as powerful and resilient as we are. When we forget to take care of ourselves, stress and fatigue can make it challenging to be our best selves and live our best lives. Healthy eating is the foundation of self-care for everyone but women are more likely to have health problems related to nutrition than men. It’s important that we nourish our bodies according to our unique nutritional needs.

But where to begin, right?

The truth is, you’ve already begun. You haven’t landed on my website by accident. The fact that you’re here says you’re already in the process of prioritizing your health. I’m here to help you with the rest.

Nutrition for emotional wellbeing


It may come as no surprise to you, but women are nearly twice as likely to experience depression than men. And when it comes to stress, there are also some health effects that we’re more prone to developing as a result. These include tension headaches, anxiety and other mood problems, weight gain, IBS, severe PMS, decreased sex drive, and problems in pregnancy. The good news is that since our bodies and our emotions are inextricably linked, healthy eating can drastically change your mood and improve your quality of life.

If you’d like to work with me to enhance your emotional wellbeing, I’ll begin by evaluating your health history and eating habits and assessing you for:

  • Food allergies or intolerances
  • Fluctuations in blood sugar levels
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Health conditions affecting your digestion or nutrient-absorption
  • Any other nutrition-related factors that might affect your mood and emotions

From there, I’ll create a dietary prescription and meal plan designed to support your emotional wellbeing. Every person is different, and every nutritional plan I create is customized for the individual. It’s important to note that I believe strongly in a collaborative approach to holistic wellness, and I’m happy to work together with any other members of your wellness team.

Wellness counseling

When the body, mind, and emotions are balanced and in alignment with one another, we experience serenity, ease, and purpose. Most women I know want that, but aren’t always sure how to go about getting there. As a wellness counselor, I coach individuals through the process of bringing balance to their body, mind, and emotions. Nutrition always plays a vital role in my wellness counseling program, but we also look at other aspects of your lifestyle, such as exercise, stress management, habits, and hobbies.

I offer assessment, education, advice, nutritional counseling, and other services depending on your particular needs. You may be a great candidate for my wellness counseling services if you:

Want to quit smoking

Want to lose weight

Feel overwhelmed and anxious

Suffer from depression

Suffer from endometriosis

Are recovering from an injury

Need help managing a chronic health problem

Want support through menopause

Just want to live your healthiest, most vibrant life (but you’re not sure how)

Depending on your particular situation, I may recommend that you reach out to other practitioners, such as an acupuncturist, a psychotherapist, or chiropractor. Whatever your reasons, and whatever your situation, we’ll work together to ensure that you have everything you need to reach optimum health.

Pregnancy and postpartum nutrition and wellness

Nutrition and exercise are crucial for keeping healthy at every stage of pregnancy, from the planning stage all the way through the post-childbirth period. All soon-to-be mothers can benefit from the support of a registered dietitian. My goal for you during these significant periods of your life is to ensure that you get the nutrients needed for optimal health and wellness—for you and your baby.

I’ll use science-based principles to provide you with personalized nutritional support designed to help keep you strong, energized, and emotionally balanced. Together, we’ll also look at your lifestyle behaviors and make adjustments and modifications as needed so you can reach maximum vibrancy through pregnancy and childbirth. My services for pregnancy and postpartum nutrition and wellness include:

  • Assessment of current dietary and lifestyle behaviors
  • Full nutrient analysis
  • Individualized nutrition prescription
  • Simple, tasty meal plan ideas
  • Exercise recommendations

Whether you’re vegan, over 35, at risk for gestational diabetes, expecting a multiple birth or just want to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need, I’d be honored to support you during your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

You’re powerful and resilient. There’s no doubt about that. I’m just here to give you the tools to help you feel it more often.

Ready to be your healthiest you?

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