One of the most important things you can do with your kids is eat meals with them.

And it’s even better if you can involve them in the planning, prep, and clean-up. But if the complexities of managing dietary restrictions, picky eating habits, or weight concerns cause you stress and anxiety, you may question whether it’s even possible to enjoy mealtime together. I promise you it is. And I can help.

I offer a range of compassionate and evidence-based family nutrition services in San Diego that can help you with:
Meal planning

Most of us want to feed our families healthy nourishing foods. But making it happen in a way that serves everyone’s nutritional needs takes time, effort, and creativity, all of which can be hard to come by during the child-rearing years. My meal-planning services will help alleviate the stress involved with planning delicious meal ideas that the whole family can enjoy.

Infant nutrition and baby-led weaning

Nutrition plays an important role in your baby’s health and wellbeing, not just in the short-term but in the long-term as well. The transition from breastfeeding to solid foods can be a time of uncertainty. Baby-led weaning has some wonderful benefits, and my tips, tricks, and recipes will allow you to take comfort in knowing that your infant is getting the proper nutrition required to grow healthy and strong.

Weight concerns

Childhood obesity can have a lifelong impact on a person’s health. But how can you tell the difference between “baby fat” and a more serious health concern? Being underweight also has health risks and repercussions, but how do you know when it’s a real issue? I’ll work one-on-one with your family to help determine your child’s optimal weight and create a plan to help meet it.

Picky eater/restrictive eating

Having a child who is a picky eater can be frustrating and anxiety-inducing for parents. But forcing or bribing can backfire and exacerbate the situation. At the same time, Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder can lead to growth impairment and other health problems. We can work together to facilitate struggle-free meal times and positive eating experiences that result in an improved relationship with food for your child.

Food allergies/intolerances consultation

If someone in your family has health concerns that you think may be related to a food allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity, I can help facilitate an accurate diagnosis so that you know which foods to avoid as well as any other modifications that will ensure proper nutrition.

Healthy eating for Mom and Dad

Parents often have different dietary needs than their children. This may be due to health issues, age, weight concerns, or any number of other reasons. But busy parents often put all their efforts toward their children’s nutrition and neglect their own. Contrary to popular belief, healthy eating doesn’t have to be overly time-consuming, expensive, or boring. I’ll prove it to you! Let’s work together to make sure everyone in your family is getting their nutritional needs met—including you.

Your family’s nutritional needs are important to you, and they’re important to me, too. In fact, I strongly believe your family’s health and wellbeing is vital to our community and the world at large. When the members of a family are strong, healthy, and nourished, they make positive contributions that help the community thrive. Let’s work together to help strengthen your family, one meal at a time.

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